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This could've been a dance dance revolution...

Now it's just a dance.

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With as much energy and toughness of all the rap community's pit bulls combined, while maintaining the elegance and beauty of a Swan Lake performance, the memebers of Orlando-based RORY -- Jeremy Menard, Chris Moore, Marc Ispass, Joel Setzer, and Jordan Shroyer -- arrive together with the goal of creating a musical aura not only to be heard, but to be felt. Multi-instrumentalists, RORY incorporates self-composed and arranged string and wind arrangements, with melodic guitar-playing, dreamy vocals, and decorative rhythm. Juxtaposing heartfelt screams and rhythmic barrages with infection harmonies and stuck-in-your-head-for-days melodies, RORY lights up a new facet to the ever-expanding rock and roll genre. Fans of Recover, The Used, Thrice, and Brand New will appreciate RORY!

taken from www.myspace.com/rory

There are no rules in this community. Just abstain from talking about pointless shit. You can tell us about upcoming Rory shows, news about Rory, etc. You can also talk about other florida bands.

websites that you might want to check out:

-official website: www.roryrock.com
-myspace: www.myspace.com/rory
-record label: www.111records
-pure volume: www.purevolume.com/rory

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